Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental variations on Patagonian coast Projects

PRIN 2008

Leader Dr Giovanni Zanchetta

Reconstruction of sea-level, palaeoenvironments and palaeoclimate during the Middle-Late Pleistocene and Holocene (ca the last 700 ka) over selected areas of the Patagonian coast (Argentina): an attempt to evaluate future climatic scenarios.

This project improves our knowledge in the field of basic sciences. It is focused on the study of the effects of sea-level and climatic changes on the coastal environment through palaegeographic, palaeoecological, palaeobiogeographical, and paleoenvironmental reconstructions over a selected sector of the Argentinean Patagonia coast (Northern part of Gulf San Jorge) using geomorphological, stratigraphic, paleontological and geochemical methods.

The main aims of the project:

Preliminary report                    Final report